Which Vera Wang Perfume Smells the Best

When one hears the world "Vera Wang" you would immediately think elegant, trendy and classy, among other things. Vera Wang is predominantly known for her show stopping bridal dresses that are so high-quality and in-demand that they are in a league of their own. In recent times the Vera Wang design range has broadened its spectrum to now include various other products, from eyewear to fragrances. In this article we will explore 6 of the most popular Vera Wang perfumes that are not only top rated but are also currently the best selling on the market.

1. Princess - Vera Wang for women

Princess was launched in 2006 and is one of the most popular Vera Wang perfumes to date. Not only does this perfume come in a beautiful heart shaped bottle with its very own crown, but it's also lilac in color. Personally I'd buy this perfume just for the bottle however if the bottle isn't enough for you, then you should know that this is a really modern, floral scented perfume that has some woody undertones. This delightfully floral scent is created from water lily, Tiare flower and tuberose, with some apple and apricot to add some sweetness to the overall scent. To complete this Princess scent and to create those woody undertones, a touch of amber and vanilla are added as the base of this perfume. What makes this princess fragrance so popular is the fact that when you wear this delightful smelling perfume, you most certainly will feel like a princess.

2. Sheer Veil - Vera Wang for women

This deeply elegant fragrance is another limited edition Vera Wang fragrance, launched in 2005. This almost transparent perfume is the epitome of understated elegance with the scent being powerful without being overpowering. This fresh floral scent with powdery undertones is derived from various scents that are meshed together perfectly namely; Lavender and Champagne, for that powdery scent as well as Rose with a hint of white Lilly and gardenia for that sweet floral scent. The scent of this long lasting perfume is ever-changing, constantly transitioning throughout the day from floral to powdery to dewy.

3. Lovestruck Floral Rush - Vera Wang for women

Floral Rush is the second perfume in the Lovestruck range and was launched in 2012. When creating this second perfume in this range, the perfumers went ahead and stated that this perfume almost smells like the adrenaline rush you feel when you areLovestruck. This is the ultimate scent for someone who loves floral scents as this perfume comprises of various floral fragrances that are perfectly blended to give you a delightful floral scent. The heart of this perfume predominately comprises Marigold, White Freesia and Pink Passion Flower, for that floral scent, while the base is more of a light cashmere wood and musk blend.

4. Princess of Hearts - Vera Wang for women

This is the newest fragrance in the popular Princess collection by Vera Wang, being launched in 2017. This limited edition perfume smells playfully fruity with a hint of floral, making it perfect for people who love deep fruity scents. For the full-on fruity scent, a mixture of watermelon, wild strawberry and bergamot are blended together harmoniously, with some vanilla cream and cedar wood added to soften out the fruity scent a-little. The great thing about this scent is the fact that it is a very playful and casually sweet scent, making it the perfect perfume for everyday use.

5. Forever - Vera Wang for women

This sensual fragrance is a more recent Vera Wang fragrance, being launched in 2014. This gorgeous soft pink perfume comes in a elegantly chunky decanter, with the lid almost looking like an oversized diamond. This exotically fresh yet musky perfume comprises of a host of delectable fragrances like Brazilian gardenia, lilac and coconut water, with the heart of the scent comprising of sandalwood, musk and a touch of spicy rum for that added musky scent. What makes this delectable scent so popular is the fact that it last throughout the day and also the fact that the scent varies for every individual, so it's almost as if you have your very own personal, unique Vera Wang scent.

6. Bouquet - Vera Wang for women

This is the ultimate wedding perfume, created specifically, for the Vera Wang's bridal dress collection that is also called "bouquet" that was launched in 2008. This perfume is known to be an all in one fragrance due to the ever-changing scent of the perfume. The heart of this delectable bridal perfume comprises of honeysuckle and Sicilian bergamot while the base contains more musky scents like Moroccan cedar wood and musk. Depending on the wearer and the weather this perfume will smell anything from floral to fruity to woodsy. To really complement the whole "wedding" theme of this fragrance, it comes in a collectable, chic, pleated wedding dress bottle.