Which Vera Wang Perfume Smells the Best

February 17th at 10:55pm
Artisan Parfumeur

When one hears the world "Vera Wang" you would immediately think elegant, trendy and classy, among other things. Vera Wang is predominantly known for her show stopping bridal dresses that are so high-quality and in-demand that they are in a league of their own. In recent times the Vera Wang design r...

What Perfumes Do Girls Like?

February 17th at 10:27pm
Artisan Parfumeur

It may come as a surprise, but various studies indicate that we tend to remember memories of both events and people mainly through scents. Perfume, cologne, and other scented products can make a man smell good, and increase his charm. Whether your goal is to attract potential relationship partners o...

What Perfumes Do Boys Like?

February 17th at 10:16pm
Artisan Parfumeur

Since the dawn of humanity, women have tried different mechanisms and products to make themselves more attractive to men. Currently, perfumes have proven to be the best ladies companion for making them irresistible to their suitors. Some fragrances will make you feel like you just got out of the sho...